AI-driven water treatment optimization

Together with Ramboll, a leading Nordic engineering consultancy, we developed a machine learning-based solution for optimizing chemicals during the water treatment process. Machine learning is bringing significant improvements to water utilities, and Ramboll and their client piloted the intelligent and data-driven water management for better efficiency.

Machine learning to optimize the water treatment process

The intelligent solution improves the situational awareness at the water treatment facilities by optimizing the existing methods and chemicals in the process. By creating cost-effective AI-driven systems on top of the existing IoT infrastructure, Ramboll is able to improve their day-to-day operations, prevent any surprises and optimize current processes.


  • The pilot project produced more knowledge and understanding of using machine learning in the water treatment process
  • Potential for a better usage of the existing sensors

Read more in the press release.


“Humans can leave data exploration and processing to machines and focus on more value creating work and decision making.”
Anna Sipilä
Project manager, Ramboll

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