An intelligent technology platform to optimize port logistics

More than 90 percent of Finland’s exports pass through ports, which makes the development of the Finnish ship and port logistics important for the country’s competitiveness.

We teamed up with intelligent port platform company Awake.AI to develop machine learning and computer vision -powered AI solutions that improve the situational awareness at ports by analyzing freight and logistics chains. As a result of the collaboration, we’ve together designed and implemented interpretable AI solutions powered by computer vision and prediction models for logistics schedules.

The monitoring module uses AI models on video feeds to track the sources, types, models, and schedules of import and export cars passing through the port. Also tracks cargo truck movements in the port area to optimize truck and container traffic.


“With Silo AI’s top-notch expertise in AI, we have been able to scale and develop our multiple products for ports and shipping.”
Karno Tenovuo
CEO at Awake.AI
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