Climate change data extractor

Together with the Canadian scenario generation company Riskthinking.AI, we created an AI solution to automatically extract climate risk data.

Riskthinking.AI is a company specializing in extreme risk and, in particular, the financial risk of climate change. The company has built an algorithmic scenario generation engine, the first of its kind, which has significant benefits to the measurement of climate related financial risk.

We built a natural language processing-powered solution, that brings out insights related to one consequence of climate change: the rise of sea level.

Top-tier NLP models to extract vast amount of unstructured data on the rise of sea level

The NLP-driven solution extracts published predictions about the rise of sea level in a certain place at a certain time from all publicly available literature, from sources such as newspapers and scientific journals. It then provides a forward-looking view on the uncertainty in the science of sea-level rise. This data is then used as an input for Riskthinking.AI’s multifactor scenario generation model.

The rise of sea level is a global threat affects millions of people around the world in some of the most populous areas. The intelligent system bases its risk assessment and predictions on many thousands of articles and makes the unstructured documents searchable.

Similar NLP-solutions can be used for evaluating the pandemic risks, earthquakes, and more.


  • Tailored and sophisticated NLP models created by Professor Filip Ginter, PhD, and Farrokh Mehryary, PhD.
  • Improved scenario-based risk management for Riskthinking’s clients.
  • Making vast amounts of data accessible and searchable

Read the press release for more information.


Silo Operating Software used in this project

Annotation platform
Data platform
These methods require deep knowledge and capabilities both in terms of data collection and processing, as well as in terms of NLP and the models themselves.
Ron Dembo
Founder, Riskthinking.AI

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