Improving situational awareness with flight delay prediction

Flight punctuality is one of the biggest factors that affects customer satisfaction, and weather is one of the biggest factors affecting the punctuality of air travel globally. Together with the Finnish major airline Finnair we built a machine learning-powered solution to tackle them both: improving situational awareness of flights about to be delayed due to weather conditions.

Silo AI helped Finnair build a solution that improved situational awareness of air traffic, enabling the airline to predict possible disruptions to air traffic more accurately.

Predicting weather-related delays for the next 12 hours

The AI solution draws on weather data and forecasts, predicting major delays accurately 12 hours in advance. The solution is at use at Finnair’s operation control centre, where it works seamlessly, giving the experts more time to react and prioritize. 


  • Improved reacting to weather-related delays
  • Improved situational awareness at Finnair’s operations control centre
  • Better customer service as a result of more time to react

Read more in the press release.


“Exceptional weather conditions are common in air travel, and our goal is always to minimize their impact on our customers’ travel plans.”
Juha Karstunen
Digital Transformation Lead, Finnair
Image of Juha Karstunen Finnair

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