MRI image analysis for cancer tissue detection

Machine learning and computer vision offers tremendous opportunities for modern healthcare technology. Together with the healthcare technology company Philips, we developed computer vision-driven solutions to improve MRI image analysis for cancer tissue detection.

Computer vision for organ detection

Our co-developed AI solution works seamlessly with Philips MRI analysis devices. The intelligent solution enables accurate organ detection, and cancer tissue identification from MRI images based on computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

With the intelligent solution, clinicians and providers are able to conduct radiation therapy with higher precision, targeting effectively on the spot. The improved organ detection leads to better care and less damage to healthy tissues.


  • Higher precision of radiation therapy
  • Improved organ detection
  • Potential for better care with less damage produced to health tissues

Read more in the press release.


“We wanted to take our existing AI capabilities to the next level by bringing in expertise from Silo AI. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Silo AI, who has extremely valuable capabilities in applying computer vision to the healthcare domain”
Tero Virta
Head of R&D in radiation oncology, Philips
Philips to improve their MRI imaging devices with Computer vision solutions by Silo AI

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