Hossein Yousefi

Hossein Yousefi

Hossein works at Silo AI as AI Engineer. Hossein is a seasoned data and ML scientist with proven experience in building ML pipelines for products, especially in the fintech and e-commerce industries. Over the past few years, Hossein has been involved in several machine learning and big data analytics projects. Hossein is a person who can translate business challenges, trends and data into useful models, insights, recommendations and end-to-end pipelines. In addition to data science and ML, Hossein has a wide set of skills in programming and cloud (Python, R, SQL, Databricks, Azure, AWS etc). His current focus and interests are to provide end to end pipelines from data preparation to deploying machine learning/ deep learning models.

Implementing end-to-end scalable MLOps for a computer vision product

The overall goal of MLOps is to make the process of productizing ML models smoother. MLOps applies the DevOps techniques, concepts and practices to machine learning systems with an increased demand to take care of aspects around the activities, such as data versioning, data lineage and data quality. MLOps responses to an increased need for model observability and monitoring model performance.

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