Jesus Carabano Bravo

Jesus Carabano Bravo

Jesus works at Silo AI as Senior AI Scientist. Jesus is a machine learning expert with experience in computer vision, sensor fusion, and agile software development. He builds machine vision for autonomous vehicles, including projects for two of the largest companies in the automobile and maritime industries. Jesus has a PhD in high performance computing, with a focus on image processing and parallel computing. His technical competence and his research background provide him a solid advantage to navigate the field of AI.

Webinar recap: Silo AI x NVIDIA webinar – Situational awareness for vessels, Case: Groke Technologies

Groke Technologies is paving the way for autonomous navigation solutions in the marine industry. On June 2, 2021, we had the opportunity to learn about the future of the marine industry with Groke Technologies, a Finnish marine company. With the help of Silo AI experts and the use of NVIDIA’s products, Groke is utilizing sensor fusion technologies to achieve better situational awareness of a vessel’s surroundings.

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