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Physical AI Systems — AI with a body

An embodied AI system can actively perceive the world around them in order to gather information through sensors such as vision, process this information on different cognitive levels, both autonomously and in interaction with a human, and finally make plans or decisions based on the outcome. In the autonomous vehicle case, the internal processing consists of planning future driving actions in interaction with the surrounding world and possibly also with a driver.

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Kai Knuutila joins Silo AI to empower industrial companies with edge AI

We’re excited to get Kai Knuutila join our team as a Lead AI Solutions Strategist. Kai is a long-term digitalization and technology professional, with experience in leading teams in multiple technology areas ranging from software, hardware, semiconductors to IoT, wearables and AI. With a solid work experience of 22+ years, of which 17 spent at two technology giants Intel and Nokia, Kai is an experienced senior technology strategist and advisor.

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Citizens of Silopolis: Joni Juvonen

Joni is a machine learning engineer with experience in computer vision combined with software development. In particular, Joni has been focusing on applying computer vision for embedded systems and mobile

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Citizens of Silopolis: Baiqiang Xia

Baiqiang Xia is an experienced AI Scientist specialized in computer vision and deep learning, particularly in 2D/3D face recognition, hand and body motion recognition, visual object recognition, and eye-tracking. Baiqiang

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Improving cancer diagnostics with AI

“With great power comes great responsibility” AI-driven analytics for research or clinical practice Among other fields already being affected, AI also strives to revolutionise the medical sector and healthcare. The

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