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Citizens of Silopolis: Vladislav Nenchev

Vladislav Nenchev is a Senior AI Engineer, specialized in natural language processing, mathematics, software development, and architectural design. Vladislav is a solid AI expert who comes with two decades of

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Physical AI Systems — AI with a body

An embodied AI system can actively perceive the world around them in order to gather information through sensors such as vision, process this information on different cognitive levels, both autonomously and in interaction with a human, and finally make plans or decisions based on the outcome. In the autonomous vehicle case, the internal processing consists of planning future driving actions in interaction with the surrounding world and possibly also with a driver.

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Citizens of Silopolis: Zhen Li

AI Scientist Zhen Li is an AI Scientist with a strong background in time series analysis and optimization techniques. After crossing the ocean from the US to join Silo.AI in

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