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We build AI
for people.

We want to build a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind from manual labour and empowers human creativity.

Often the most powerful strategy is to combine human intelligence with machine-driven insights.

Human-in-the-loop AI

We build human-machine workflows that utilise Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.


Improve decision making with AI document reader. Machine Learning based Natural Language Processing learns semantics behind events & key facts, and automatically extracts them for human experts to evaluate.

Fraud detection

Detect anomalies and prevent financial losses by a Machine Learning model for cash flow patterns. Create a robust AI-driven fraud detection process for higher institutional security.

Predictive maintenance

Detect problems before downtime and monitor current usage of the machinery with big data from IoT sensors. Machine Learning based systems prevent failures and help optimise usage by enabling more efficient maintenance.

Quality control

Improve autonomous flaw detection with Machine Learning based computer vision that learns visual features of each passing flaw, and suggests low-quality production cases to the quality control expert.

Your human-in-the-loop solution

Leverage cutting edge technology and ready-to-deploy AI models for faster data processing, quick iterations, simple proof-of-concepts and easy deployment with a continuous learning, with a human in the loop.

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