Largest private AI lab from the Nordics

We are Silo AI – A private AI lab on a mission to build a European flagship AI company. We build AI-driven solutions and products to enable autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart devices, networks and cities.

The Nordic State of AI 2022

The Nordic State of AI 2022 is live. Get the report for an overview of the use of artificial intelligence in the Nordics!

We build

AI for people
The most powerful strategy relies on the right combination of human and machine intelligence.
We deliver AI-driven products and solutions by providing world-class AI expertise and tooling for computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning.
240 +
AI experts
120 +
Scientists with PhDs
200 +
Successful AI projects

Real-life AI driven solutions

Image of the rolls of paper from Kemira's clients
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Improving paper production quality with machine learning

Together with Kemira, we developed a machine learning-driven solution to improve production quality by predicting and preventing issues real-time, giving the human operators at-a-glance view to current situation and hours ahead.


MRI image analysis for cancer tissue detection

Machine learning and computer vision offers tremendous opportunities for modern healthcare technology. Together with the healthcare technology company Philips, we developed computer vision-driven solutions to improve MRI image analysis for cancer tissue detection.

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A visual quality control solution for pharma industry inspection machines

Together with Körber, Silo AI has developed a visual quality solution for inspection machines to control the quality of Covid19 vaccine ampoules.

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Make your AI plans come true

Why work with us?

Nordic’s foremost AI scientists live at Silo AI
We serve you with a strong academic pedigree and a track record of building real-world AI solutions and products.
MLOps helps organizations to scale AI usage
Silo OS customizable infrastructure and products

With 200+ production-level AI projects on our back, we’ve built tools that we can leverage for quick validations.

Long-term partnership to make you succeed
AI is not just scattered algorithms here and there. You need a partner to build a sustainable AI roadmap and infrastructure to bring AI-enhanced products to market.
We challenge you to ask why
We don’t only deliver projects but we challenge you to think differently.

Insights across different areas of AI


Scaling enterprise AI with MLOps

Modernize or establish your machine learning operations, including continuous model development, testing, serving, and monitoring.


Sensor fusion for autonomous machinery

Intelligence in vehicles and other machinery is a result of a myriad of critical subsolutions. These often depend on AI models interpreting the messy real-world with the ability to predict what will happen next.


Self-learning AI in predictive and prescriptive maintenance

Improve your production efficiency by ensuring reliable operations with machine learning and computer vision for predictive maintenance. 


Recorded live

Edge AI in Industrial Environments – learnings from Körber & Silo AI

We welcome Daniel Szabo, CEO at Körber Digital to talk about his learnings in bringing AI to industry and what is required to succeed. Daniel is joined by Kai Knuutila and Niko Vuokko, from Silo AI, who’ll share their experiences in designing industrial IoT and edge computing capabilities