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At Silo.AI, we believe that in order to become the best, you need to work with and be challenged by the best. We take pride in creating an equal workplace for all nationalities, genders, orientations and backgrounds. We look for warm, open-minded people who consider themselves to be an expert in their field, be it science, business or engineering.

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Our core values

This is what we believe in.

Trust is our bond.

We connect with customers and seek to understand how we can best help, and always keep what we promise.

We encourage a culture in which successes are celebrated, learnings shared and support provided for our team members to succeed.

Positive impact

We strive to be transparent and open, take responsibility and ownership and aim for positive impact and results in all we do.

We take pride in creating an equal and supportive workplace for talented and ambitious professionals from all nationalities, genders and backgrounds.

Know your why

We have the courage and agility to keep challenging what we’re doing to assure value creation for customers.

We encourage open dialogue and debate, and strive for diversity in opinions to improve decision making.

Grow to excel

We aim for excellence by learning from the market, sharing our competence and recruiting growth mindset.

For us expertise is not an achievement, it’s a lifestyle of curiosity, learning, sharing and working with people who share the same hunger.

AI Scientist

Markus Holopainen

I am very fond of Silo.AI in the way that our company culture nurtures curiosity and continuous learning. Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to work toward solving concrete business problems with our clients.


Erlin Gulbenkoglu

Silo.AI is a great place for excited people. There is room for you to initiate on something new, and there is appreciation for that. Here you will keep learning, and apply and evaluate what you learn.

Lead Architect

Alexander Finn

It’s the people that make this company. The curiosity, creativity, and energy that everyone brings to the team is hard to beat.


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State of AI in Finland: public sector is the pacemaker, and more than 1200 companies are using artificial intelligence on a daily basis

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