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AI Engineer Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm
AI Engineer - MLOps Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm, remote
AI Engineer - Search Helsinki, Turku, Oulu
AI Scientist - Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm
AI Scientist - Computer Vision Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm
AI Scientist - Machine Learning Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm
AI Scientist - Natural Language Processing Helsinki, Turku, Oulu, Stockholm
Software Developer Turku, Helsinki, Oulu

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Why become a citizen of Silopolis?

Make an impact for the future

We are a home for 110+ AI scientists, AI engineers, software developers, solution architects, designers and business experts. Join our vision to build a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind for meaningful work with the help of computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.

Our values guide our way of working

Build Bonds

Trust is our bond

We connect with customers and always seek to understand how we can best help them, and make sure that we keep what we promise.

We encourage a culture where successes are celebrated, learnings shared and support provided for our team members to succeed.

Keep Learning

Grow to excel

We aim for excellence by learning from the market, sharing our competence, and attracting talent with a growth mindset.

We believe that expertise is not an achievement - it’s a lifestyle of curiosity, learning, sharing and working with people who share the same hunger.

Be Good

Positive impact

We always strive to be transparent and open in our communications, take ownership and aim for positive impact and results in all we do.

We take pride in creating an equal and supportive workplace for talented and ambitious professionals from all nationalities, genders, orientations and backgrounds.

Ask Why

Know your why

We have the courage and agility to keep challenging what we’re doing to assure value creation for customers.

We encourage open dialogue and debate, and strive for diversity in opinions to improve decision making.

Meet the citizens of Silopolis

Luiza Sayfullina, PhD

Luiza Sayfullina is a senior machine learning expert with 7+ years of experience in various machine learning projects.

Emil Eirola, PhD

Emil Eirola is a senior machine learning expert with over 10 years of experience from applied machine learning projects.

Joni Juvonen

Joni Juvonen, MSc

Joni is a machine learning engineer with experience in computer vision combined with software development.

Kimmo Sääskilahti, PhD

Kimmo is a software and data engineer with emphasis on building reliable, scalable and maintainable cloud-based solutions for machine learning.

Work with real-world AI products


Improving situational awareness with flight delay prediction

Silo AI helped Finnair build a machine learning model for improved situational awareness of air traffic, enabling the airline to predict possible disruptions to air traffic more accurately.

An AI solution for predicting water quality

Together with Ramboll, a leading Nordic engineering consultancy, we developed a machine learning -based solution for predicting chemicals during the water treatment process.

AI-driven product to optimize port logistics

Silo AI teamed up with the intelligent port platform company Awake.AI to develop machine learning and computer vision powered AI solutions that improve the situational awareness at ports by analyzing…

Perks and Benefits

Meaningful work with real-life AI projects

We are a home for 110+ AI scientists, AI engineers, software developers, solution architects, designers and business experts. Join our vision to build a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind for meaningful work with the help of computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.

Top academic and industry experts as peers

With 60+ PhDs in machine learning or similar fields, you know you’re among the true experts. Experience the power of collective intelligence and knowledge sharing.

Silo shares

We offer all our employees that work more than 50% to participate in the Silo AI share program. Currently available only in Finland, but we’re working on extending it to other countries!

Flexible work & work arrangements

We encourage working flexibly from a location where you are most productive. Silo AI offers different contract alternatives and freelancing opportunities for client projects.

Self-development budget

You’re the best judge of what you should be learning. We offer an annual budget to use for self-development activities and materials, free of choice.

Research Club

In the bi-weekly research club, led by our Head of Research, we deep dive into a recent academic paper treating some fascinating subjects. Everyone is welcome to join!

Talent coaching with senior experts

We offer 1-on-1 Talent Coaching to get you on the learning track that suits you the best professionally and/or personally.

Monthly workshops to level-up your skills

Monthly workshops, which are built around hard skills (technical skills) and soft skills (e.g. client communication) to learn.

Sports and wellbeing benefit

We provide our employees an annual sum for sports and wellbeing services, ePassi Flex, including hundreds of sports, culture and wellbeing activities all around Finland.

Silo Social & Silo Fridays

Silopolis buzzes with social activities, team lunches and afterwork at Virtual Silo Pub. Gathering the teams together on Friday is important to meet your colleagues and share knowledge.

Occupational healthcare & mental healthcare service

We offer all our employees (min. 50 % contract) occupational healthcare and mental health service via a digital therapy application Auntie.

Meditation & Yoga

Twice a week, you can join the Meditation Meet to improve your mental wellbeing and focus in a short meditation break. Once a week we gather for lunch-time yoga!

Our AI experts have an extensive research background.

Ask about working at Silo AI

Tuuli Suominen

Head of People & Culture
+358 45 324 7979

Jaakko Vainio

Head of Operations
+358 50 302 5321

Niko Vuokko

Head of Technology
+358 50 4850513

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