Take a deep dive to machine learning in data driven business

In a world in which everyone is talking about AI, a real track record is hard-earned. Inference dives deep into data driven organizations and their product development to understand what it means to work with AI.

The guests range from lead data scientists to founders, strategists and engineers, with Ville Hulkko, Co-founder of Silo AI, as the host. We invite you to learn more about what production ready AI means today with Inference by Silo AI.


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Mark Caine of World Economic Forum

Regulation, ethics & geopolitics of AI.  AI development advances with staggering speeds across the globe, while the democratization of tools grow the number of developers...

Choosing the first AI path of an organization can be a daunting task. Which challenge to tackle first? Where to get the skills and tools...

Machine Learning is defined by a need for rapid experimentation. To achieve an environment of fast, iterative and low-risk experimentation, both hard aspects (tools and...

“We have good quality data” is a phrase spoken by most organizations. Theory and practice differ, however, as Validio approaches data from a different perspective:...

Predictive maintenance is a concept everyone talks about, but few are actually applying. Wärtsilä, an industry leading martitime & energy sector technology and power source...

About the host

The podcast is hosted by Ville Hulkko, former Silicon Valley-based AI entrepreneur with experience in commercializing AI-driven products, and bringing them to international markets. Co-founder of Valossa Labs video AI platform, ranked as the 7th most promising AIaaS company globally. Founder of Blackbear Incubator, Palo Alto (CA).

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