The 2022 Report

The Nordic State of AI

The annual report, published in November 2022, provides an overview of the use of artificial intelligence in the Nordic region, with the goal of offering business leaders, academics, policymakers, as well as anyone interested, a comprehensive look at what’s really going on in Nordic AI.

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AI maturity is high while there is still plenty of experimentation with AI in progress.


55% of companies surveyed are investing into experimenting with AI in the next 6 months. The gap between AI newcomers and established players is widening.


73% of the organizations surveyed use AI as part of a product or service – respondents also say this is where AI creates most value.

Big enterprises are dominating as the knowledge gap widens

The gap between newcomers on the market and established players is widening and the number of new AI startups has started to decline, along with VC investments in AI in most Nordics.

Nordic ecosystems share many features but at the same time boast unique capabilities and strengths. We have moved to a stage where the threshold of market entry is rising and business is dominated by large enterprises.


VC investments in AI by country. OECD.AI 2022.

AI insights from the Nordics

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AI is at the core of Nordic business but challenges lie in scaling

The Nordic organizations surveyed use AI at the heart of their business – in the products and services they offer. However, despite a maturing AI ecosystem, many organizations still need to invest more in experimenting, finding AI use cases, implementation AI-powered solutions and finding more talent to work with AI.

Organizational use of AI

As part of product or service
As part of production
As part of back office functions/processes
As part of sales & marketing
As part of customer care & experience
No usage of AI
Not sure

Challenges of scaling AI

Lack of talent
Lack of shared data practices
Lack of use cases
Lack of data
Lack of scalable infrastructure
Unclear business processes and responsibilities
Insufficient investments
Unclear busines strategy / roadmap
Not sure

Capacity challenges drive agenda


Lack of talent

Talent is difficult to find

even at pre-scaling phase.


Lack of data practices

Data volume is needed,

but productivity even more.


Lack of investment

Reaching economies

of scale is challenging.

More AI solutions on the horizon

AI continues steamrolling forward despite the global situation. The overwhelming majority is planning to adopt more AI within the next 12 months. Only a fraction are not implementing new solutions in the known future.

Adoption of AI-based technologies in products or services

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