Apply self-learning AI in prescriptive and predictive maintenance

Improve your production efficiency by ensuring reliable operations with machine learning and computer vision for predictive maintenance. As your trusted partner, Silo AI helps you build robust solutions that permit you to be one step ahead by predicting the possible failures before they emerge.

Many industries benefit from predictive maintenance

Machines and smart devices

Improve efficiency of your fleet by predicting possible failures before they happen and prevent costly downtime.


Ensure better quality and enhance reliability by applying modern computer vision and machine learning solutions.

Vehicles, vessels, and heavy machinery

Assist drivers and machine operators by providing actionable insights for fleet condition and thus secure effective maintenance breaks.

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Machine learning for predictive maintenance

hanna grönqvist

Hanna Grönqvist

Senior data scientist, Hiab, part of Cargotec

Slawomir Nowaczyk

Slawomir Nowaczyk

Lead AI Scientist, Silo AI & Professor in ML, Halmstad University

kai knuutila

Kai Knuutila

Lead Solution Strategist, Silo AI

Ensure reliable operations with smart & data-driven predictions

Catching the maintenance needs in advance decreases downtime, increases savings, and lets companies plan ahead.

We have a wide experience in various assignments related to predictive solutions for various types of industrial use cases.

Our expertise

We know how to apply AI, machine learning and computer vision and take it into use in business-critical environments.
  • Solution architecture and operational environment planning
  • Evaluating and tailoring the AI models and algorithms for specific needs and use cases
  • Deploying AI/ML either on the device level, EDGE, or cloud
  • Human in the loop – integration to your current processes, environments, and automation systems
  • Lifecycle support

Learn about predictive maintenance in production


Predictive maintenance for smart vehicles: spotting failures before they happen

Our Lead AI Scientist at Silo AI Sweden, Professor Slawomir Nowaczyk, has been working with the Volvo Group, building machine learning-based self-monitoring systems for trucks and buses. In this interview, he shares some of the key learnings based on his work.

Combining the strengths of machine learning, 5G and IoT for predictive maintenance

Machine learning for predictive maintenance can provide a detailed risk assessment of potential failure events. Combine it with a network of IoT sensors in your mission-critical equipment and 5G connectivity, and you’ll be on your way towards more reliable operations.

Predictive maintenance with a human in the loop with Wärtsilä

Learn about predictive maintenance at Wärtsilä with their GM Product Management – Performance Services, Patrik Strand. Patrik discusses Expert Insight, Wärtsilä’s Predictive Maintenance solution, developed with a human-in-the-loop focus, and shares his vision about the future of predictive maintenance.

New accelerator program:
Predictive maintenance

Learn the basics of implementing predictive maintenance into your business. Join our new AI Accelerator program!

In our ecosystem initiative – FAIA – we help established organizations in taking their first steps with AI by organizing programs where a group of companies learn a new AI application area together.

Our accelerator is inclusive and therefore participants are chosen through open calls where anyone can apply.

Program goals

Getting started with predictive maintenance and being able to identify behavior preceding machine failures.

Established companies with critical production machinery
Companies that sell machines and want to add a service layer on top of their normal offering.

For whom

  • Established companies with critical production machinery
  • Companies that sell machines and want to add a service layer on top of their normal offering.
  • Companies that manage a fleet of vehicles e.g. vessels, buses or trucks.

Why work with Silo AI?

Nordic’s foremost AI scientists live at Silo AI
We serve you with a strong academic pedigree and a track record of building real-world AI solutions and products.
MLOps helps organizations to scale AI usage
Silo OS customizable infrastructure and products
With 100+ production-level AI projects on our back, we’ve built tools that we can leverage for quick validations.
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AI is not just scattered algorithms here and there. You need a partner to build a sustainable AI roadmap and infrastructure to bring AI-enhanced products to market.
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