Love the problems, not the solutions.
We want to see diverse views in problem solving.

– Peter sarlin, CEO


Silo AI is the best place for machine learning experts to work with real world industry problems. We value scientific efforts in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing applied to our clients’ business cases.

Our team consists of more than 100 people, 70 AI experts out of which more than 50 hold a PhD in machine learning, computer vision or relevant fields. Through our own R&D work and customer projects, we aim to stay true to our nature as a private AI lab.


Join our 500+ strong community of machine learning researchers around the world.



Meet our

AI Scientist

Sami Remes

PhD in Machine Learning

Sami Remes is a senior machine learning expert with 8+ years of experience in researching and applying machine learning. Sami began his academic career at the Aalto University in Helsinki and quickly joined Professor Kaski’s Probabilistic Machine Learning Group. During his Master’s degree Sami worked on the Group Factor Analysis model, publishing his findings at the world’s leading AI conference NIPS in 2013 and 2015.

He then moved on to research Gaussian Processes and developing new kernels that model non-stationary changes in e.g. dependencies of different output variables. This research led to publications at both ACML and NIPS in 2017.

In 2019, Sami defended his dissertation entitled “Modelling non-stationary functions with Gaussian processes” at Aalto University. 

At Silo.AI, Sami works as AI Scientist and has been part of various machine learning and deep learning projects, including modeling expert knowledge for a financial sector client in order to speed up, and in the future, to automate the invoicing process.

Emil Eirola is one of the first expert hires that joined Silo.AI. Emil is a senior machine learning expert with 10+ years of experience from applied machine learning projects. Emil holds a PhD in machine learning from Aalto University (2014), and has worked as a postdoc at Aalto University and Arcada UAS. Emil is author of 30+ academic papers with 400+ citations.

With a Master’s thesis (2009) on feature selection and PhD thesis (2014) on Machine Learning for data with missing values, Emil’s research has focused on how to deal with the practical issues of applying ML to real-world problems. An undergraduate major in mathematics ensures a strong understanding of the theoretical foundations behind the algorithms.

As a researcher in the Applications of Machine Learning group in Aalto University, and later the Department of Business Management and Analytics at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Emil has worked on finding machine learning solutions in fields such as finance, security, and healthcare.

AI Scientist

Emil Eirola

PhD in Machine Learning


Kaj-Mikael Björk

PhD in Optimisation and
Information Systems

Kaj-Mikael Björk is a top senior researcher with unique capability to lead research teams. Kaj-Mikael is Research Director at Arcada and Head of Research of Silo.AI. During his time as the Head of Department in Arcada, he initiated the AI track and Risklab Finland. Within the research projects he has participated in, he has completed more than 70 scientific peer reviewed articles with an H-index of 13 (Google scholar). He was also listed as the top 6 most published AI researcher in Finland in the Digibarometri survey by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy ETLA.

Previously, Kaj-Mikael has been a visiting professor at UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University as well as working as an Assistant Professor in Information Systems (Åbo Akademi University) and Senior Lecturer in Logistics (Arcada). The borderline between economics and IT has long fascinated him, as well as inspired him to pursue achievements in both education and research. 

Kaj-Mikael has held 15 different courses in the fields of Machine Learning, Logistics, Management Science and Engineering. At Silo.AI, Kaj-Mikael hosts weekly Research Club where both internal and external speakers share their research topic or paper to the experts. 

Luiza is a senior machine learning expert with 7+  years of machine learning experience and a deep understanding of Natural Language Processing for English and Finnish language. During her academic career Luiza has first-authored eight papers and has been active in organizing machine learning study groups since 2016.

Luiza just published her dissertation “Machine Learning Methods for Classification of Unstructured Data” at the Department of Computer Science at the School of Science at Aalto University. Her research focuses on analyzing unstructured data, in other words, free-form text. With its two applications, Android malware classification and soft skill mining, Luiza uses NLP to analyze job candidate resumes and Android application files.

At Silo.AI, Luiza works as AI Scientist with a focus on NLP projects ranging from low resource text classification, information extraction and summarization to speech-to-text applications.

AI Scientist

Luiza Sayfullina

PhD in Machine Learning for
Natural Language Processing

Publication highlights

Nickisch, H., Solin, A., Grigorevskiy, A., 2018. State Space Gaussian Processes with Non-Gaussian Likelihood.
ICML 2018.

Parviainen, P., Kaski, S., 2017. Learning structures of Bayesian networks for variable groups.
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Holopainen, M., Sarlin, P., 2017. Toward robust early-warning models: A horse race, ensembles and model uncertainty. Quantitative Finance 17.

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