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Together, we make you succeed in applying machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing to product R&D.

Tailored AI solutions

We deliver AI-driven products and solutions by providing world-class AI expertise and tooling for computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning.

World-class AI expertise

Our unmatched expertise combines a strong research background with extensive skills in building real-world products. Our experts typically hold a PhD or extensive engineering experience from building AI-driven products.

Our services to meet your needs

Smart vehicles & industry

Advanced quality control, intelligent awareness and predictive maintenance, increasing autonomy of your operations or your vehicle – you name it. We help you build real-time intelligent solutions that leverage high-quality sensory data, are computed on-device or require quick validations.

Smart city and

Automation and intelligent monitoring and forecasting in city infrastructure, energy and logistics. Together, we can create significant impact with improving situational awareness and decision-making, that optimize your processes.

Smart devices and networks

We work with smart homes and personal electronics, including wearables in the consumer space, but also sensors and other IoT devices in industrial contexts. Empower your operations with on-device forecasting and awareness solutions.

Are you interested in machine learning operations (MLOps)?

The challenges we solve for our customers



Improve situational awareness and forecasting in highly complex systems. Build intelligent solutions that adapt to the environment they’re in.
– Supervised learning
– Federated learning
– Unsupervised learning
– Transfer and active learning


Get insights from automated image analysis. Build autonomous vehicles and robot guidance with machine vision.
– Object recognition
– Image classification
– Image segmentation
– Image & object annotation

Natural language processing

Make unstructured textual data machine-readable by extracting information from documents, meeting memos, pdfs and news articles. Augment customer service with intelligent language processing.
– Word and document classification
– Text clustering and tagging
– Speech recognition and analysis

Solution and design development

Integrate AI seamlessly into current ways of working, including IT environments and business processes. Make quick validations by using Silo AI development infrastructure and pre-packaged solutions.
– Software and data engineering and architecture
– Integration planning and implementation
– Product and system maintenance

Real-life AI driven solutions

Finnair logo

Improving situational awareness with flight delay prediction

Silo AI helped Finnair build a machine learning model for improved situational awareness of air traffic, enabling the airline to predict possible disruptions to air traffic more accurately.
Ramboll logo

An AI solution for predicting water quality

Together with Ramboll, a leading Nordic engineering consultancy, we developed a machine learning -based solution for predicting chemicals during the water treatment process.
Koerber logo

A visual quality control solution for pharma industry inspection machines

Together with Körber, Silo AI has developed a visual quality solution for inspection machines to control the quality of Covid19 vaccine ampoules.

The AI solutions developed with Silo AI have transformed current processes, delivering time efficiencies while providing better and faster qualitative and quantitative information. They enable our clients and IDS to make more agile and smarter decisions.
Thomas Kirchherr, Head of Sales, Account management and Marketing
IDS, an Allianz company
With Silo AI’s top-notch expertise in AI, we have been able to scale and develop our multiple products for ports and shipping.
Karno Tenovuo, CEO
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