Ready-to-customize solutions for AI development

Reach your goals by using what already works. As a complement to our services offering, we’ve built customizable AI components and tools for reliable AI solution development.

Silo Operating Software

As a complementary offering to our services, Silo Operating Software includes Silo OS Tooling and Solutions for a proven toolbox to develop AI solutions and reliably maintain them.

Silo OS Solutions
Silo OS contains use-case specific productized solutions. Silo OS Solutions are a perfect way to hit the ground running with ready-made whitelabel products that are always customized according to your needs and weaved as part of your existing R&D environment.
Silo OS Tooling
Contains fundamental general MLOps tools needed in any AI project. They secure working data flow for model training and assure smooth transition to the inference stage where the machine learning models are reliably up and running as a part of your product development workflow.

Silo OS Tooling

Infrastructure for rapid AI development
Silo OS Tooling ties together all the different parts of AI solution development: preparing data, building AI models, and preparing a functional AI solution. Move faster forward from quick early results through iterative development to automatic solution deployment and orchestration.


Annotation tooling

Easily customize your annotation workflows for the needs of each use case and dataset and scale the annotation work from quick fixes to large-scale, multi-team operations.


Development tooling

Rapid PoC capability and AI Component integration. The platform automates many essential tasks, from secure data access to provisioning computing resources and development systems and tools.


Operations tooling

Automatic deployments and orchestration for continuous testing and production-quality solutions, with security and reliability baked in.

Silo OS Solutions

Productized solutions for high-value cases ready to be customized for your needs.

Quality control solutions

Ensure quality and monitor industrial manufacturing processes in real time with computer vision solutions. Solutions support sensor fusion, offers thorough customizability and run on-site. Best for analyzing dimensions, detecting defects and for quality audits, product grading and traceability.


Visual awareness solutions

Stay aware of your operations via privacy-first computer vision solutions. The video monitoring solutions aggregate information from a single camera, or an array of cameras located in the area of interest, and understand the activities witnessed. Create a dashboard for statistics and a set of alerts, presented in an intuitive awareness map.


Smart vehicle solutions

Accelerate your development of intelligence for mobile machines with our smart vehicle solutions. Based on latest AI methods and highly configurable sensor fusion, our growing toolkit offers e.g. localization, multi-object tracking, and vehicle awareness with dynamic mapping.

Natural language solutions

Leverage sophisticated speech recognition flexibly and securely with speech solutions. With on-premise analytics, you’ll keep the speech data safe, while getting to enjoy the analytics.

With document intelligence solutions, you’ll get a smart approach to indexing, searching and leveraging machine learning on your document databases, empowering you with an intelligent internal search engine.

Silo OS and components in action

With a team of world-class AI scientists and engineers, as well as Silo OS, our clients have succeeded in building solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible today and in deploying AI solutions into production.

Energy consumption prediction in district heating networks

In close collaboration with Helen, our experts developed an AI solution that predicts energy consumption levels based on historical data and local weather forecasts, reducing errors by a third.


Automatic identification of defects for sewage pipes

Together with the Swedish Tekniska verken, we developed a computer vision-based solution that learns from each defect, and continuously improves the level of automation.


MLOps accelerating the adaptation of AI in enterprises

Machine Learning Operations, or MLOps, is a set of systems, tools, and practices that enables the deployment and operation of machine learning pipelines in production in a repeatable and trusted manner.

Why use ready-made
AI tools?

Quick Start

Rapid validation and prototyping without major upfront investments.

Reduced Cost

Reduced Cost

Get started with a focus on machine learning models and business logic.

IT Ecosystem Integration

IT Ecosystem Integration

End-to-end solutions to integrate into existing business processes and IT ecosystem.

Modular Solution

Modular Solution

Evolve individual components easily with versioning and deployment capabilities.

70% ready-made tools
30% customized work